Popular Social Games and What Makes them Click

Popular Social Games and What Makes them Click

For people that play computer games a lot, social games are among the most popular genre of choice. There seems to be a high appeal when it comes to playing games that allow a player not just to enjoy the game play but also to be able to play with alongside other players from differ tarts of the world.

There are reasons why social games work so well. One way of determining what that is would be to take a closer look at some of the two social games that are out there day to know what makes them tick and why they are so appealing to the public. A study on how games affect our brain is still under development but already have some fascinating facts!

List of the Most Popular Games


This is one game that seems to have been doing all the right things when it was launched. It was not surprising to find out 10% of people that have signed up on Facebook are playing the game. Probably one of the most excellent ideas that were advocated by the game is its neighbor system. This means the player is not only limited to harvesting their crops on their own. They have the choice to do it with their friends too. Zynga, the game developer, must have learned a ton of its exploits with Farmville that it went on to launch City Ville which proved an even bigger hit than its predecessor.

Zuma Blitz

This offering for PopCap is quite addictive. Playing either on long sessions or short ones is fun. The scoreboard though is probably where its greatest strength lies. Players get o see a ranking of how well they have performed, so, this is one game that will strike a nerve with the people who are big on being competitive. Its focus on bragging rights makes it a simple, brilliant, and effective game which continues to earn success even in recent times.

Words with Friends

If you are a fan of Scrabble, then this is certainly one game that will quickly hook you in. It is available to be played 24/7 which means that you get to have ready access anytime you want you have the choice to play with a computer opponent, or you can choose to compete with friends too. The game effortlessly emulates the classic game which means that it is likely to continue being so for a very long time.

Mafia Wars

If you are a fan of mob movies, then you will be able to get those mob skills put to good use with this social game. This mob simulator makes it possible for you to recruit your friends and then of your very own criminal organization. While it cannot be compared to classic movies like the Goodfellas or the Godfather or the Sopranos, it is certainly impressive, and if you are not careful, it is easy to lose track of time. But if pretending to be criminals is what you would love to do, this is one game that would have so much in store for you.


There are certainly a lot of other popular adventure games that are around. Most of the time, they all have this one common denominator which makes the appealing to players- they manage to connect with their players. As long as they keep doing so, it is expected that they will remain on top of every player’s gaming list.

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