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You will become more sociable
Since you will be engaging in an online community, you will most like make connections with some people who share the same interest with you. There are some multiplayer games that will require the team to work together so that you can surpass the problem given. The thing is that, even if you are talking about the screen, it does not limit your social skills and help you build good relationships with them.

It improves the condition of MS patients
There are some people who suffer from multiple sclerosis often find it hard to maintain their balance. However, a study had proven that those patients who tend to play online games standing on top of a balance board showed great improvement compared to those who do not.

It helps you to make better decisions
In order to win the game, online games will only give you a limited amount of time to make a better decision. This decision will affect whether you are able to go to the next level or not. The continuous playing of online games can help you to make quick yet right decisions under time pressure. You can apply this skill in real life situations especially during at work.

Online gaming controls bad cravings
A study had found out that those who play online games can help control their bad cravings for overeating, smoking, and drinking. Therefore, if you ever feel the need of smoking again, instead of reaching out to the cigarette you should reach out a controller. After distracting yourself from the vice, you will find yourself slowly breaking free from these bad habits.

It helps you to deal with stress
Playing online games can help in reducing the stress that you had been dealing with. Players who spend their time in playing rather than locking themselves up in a room and being lonely have a high tendency to deal with stress more effectively compared to those who do not play online games. If you are having the problem with your high-stress levels or you’ve suffered from depression, it’s about time that you introduce yourself to online games and start playing. You may not notice it right away but it will help a lot in improving your condition.

Playing online games is just a few minutes of your life. Even with the aforementioned benefits, we do not recommend playing games most of your time as it will lead to addiction which is not good for you. Therefore, if there’s something that bugging you not to play online games, you just remember the benefits it can provide you. Grab your controller or smartphone now and enjoy playing games online!