Golf Clash Brings Arcade Golfing Experience to Your Phone

Golf Clash Brings Arcade Golfing Experience to Your Phone

I believe that smartphones weren’t designed for complex games. However, I also think they are perfect for addictive releases that can keep your attention for hours. One of those gems is Golf Clash, the latest game developed by Playdemic. Yes, golfing is the focus of their newest release, but that doesn’t mean the game is dull.

Get Onto the Course and Test Your Skills!

There is not much thinking in Golf Clash. As soon as you start the game and see the tutorial, the matchmaking system founds you a real opponent. The whole concept is simple – play golf in 1 on 1 matches and be better than your opponent. To do that, you need to get the ball into the hole in fewer shots. If the game is tied, the extra time decides the winner. In the overtime, both players have one shot available, and the one closer to the target wins.

Golf Clash Offers Flawless Gameplay

The gameplay in Golf Clash is perfect. The trajectory of the ball is perfectly done, and even the wind plays its role. The control system is incredibly intuitive, and it won’t take you more than a couple of shots to find your way around it. You choose which way you want to hit the ball and then select the desired power. Aside from the wind, you also need to keep in mind specifics of the course because there might be rough or sand areas. If you get the ball there, shots can become a lot trickier to perform.

You Can’t Go Far Without Upgrading

Unfortunately, the more you play Golf Clash, the more it becomes apparent that you can’t progress without real cash. Whenever you win, you get treasure chests with some rewards, but that’s far from enough for all the things you need. And there is a bunch of stuff that you will require if you want to be competitive in the upper leagues.

Golf Clash Upgrades


There is a shop in Golf Clash where you can buy better clubs and other boosts that can help you on the course. However, the resources you get will only cover seldom purchases. That will lead to being impossible to be better than your competition. There are two ways out – to invest real money or use Gold Clash hacks and cheats from here. It’s a shame that the pay to win concept is so obvious in this otherwise phenomenal game.

Golf Clash Comes with Beautiful Graphics

I don’t want to end the review on a bad note because Golf Clash provided me hours of fun (until it became unfair). That is why I will mention the fantastic graphics. It’s a perfect fit for a game like this, and the courses provide a lot of details and obstacles characteristic for golf. You can see that Playdemic tried to provide us with an excellent product. They almost managed that, and Golf Clash is just short of making my top list of games. Regardless of its shortcomings, it’s still worth playing, so I recommend you give it a shot.

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