What adventure games to play on your PC

What adventure games to play on your PC

When it comes to online games, adventure games are always going to be on any gamers list of games to play. They are fun. They are exciting. They allow players to explore worlds that they would otherwise only have dreamed of. They tend to be quite challenging too. This is why there are a ton of adventure games that are scattered around the web these days. It will take some time to shift through many choices though if you intend to find the best one there is.

To make things easier for you, we compile some of the best titles that would be worth checking out if you want to get on some gaming adventure. We’ve also made a list of social games that you can play if adventure ones are not for you.

Best Adventure Games

Stories Untold

This is certainly going to be a massive hit for people that love the setting of having old hardware and CRT monitor; this would be a fascinating game for you. This is a sci-fi horror game where old hardware is used as the center of the game events. Each of the levels of the game offers a twist or two which makes it a unique adventure gaming experience.

Broken Age

This game tells the story of two teens and their struggle with the traditions that are presently binding them while they are deep inside a starship. It is gorgeously rendered with impressive 2D graphics, the soundtrack is neat, and it is genuinely a well-built adventure piece, which makes it a real keeper.

Her Story

If you are a huge fan of investigative and crime piece, this will appeal greatly to you. For those aspiring Sherlock’s, this game from Sam Barlow is going to get you straight into doing some detective work while you piece together the mystery behind a woman that is being interviewed about their missing husband. You will need to sift through police interviews to get to the boom of the story.


If you are into slow burn narrative games, this would be a very appealing piece for you; the game is designed to be played over time unlike those that are expected to be played in just a quick one go. The best thing about the game is how it allows you to replay the game and then have it looped back to the previous decisions that you have made so you can see how the story evolves and changes along the way.

Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy

This is considered as a part interactive film and part video game. This is a creepy mix of supernatural horror and crime thriller as seen through the eyes of various characters. This is a game that has even pioneered some mechanic when it comes to adventure game such as dialogues that are limited, but high-impact along with times choices.

Summing it up

When choosing an adventure game to play, it is important to remember that not everything has to involve combat and action that is pulse-pounding. The best adventure games will always channel the spirit of that point and click classic and a puzzle gameplay with a good narrative storytelling. The best players in the market will agree that the best games in this genre are more focused on the cerebral aspect than the visceral.

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