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If you are new to online games and you wanted to find the best game that will fit you the most, here is a guide that could help you determine the best online game for you to play.

Consider the games that you wanted to play

There are lots of advertisements on TV, online ads, and even in social media networking sites that you should pay attention to. If you are into basketball, there are role-playing games that let you play basketball with your virtual friends. Aside from that, if you are into cooking and managing a restaurant, why don’t you try a business management online game wherein you are the one to manage, cook, and serve your customers with their order. It’s a great way for you to kill your boredom. It will be also helpful if you are planning to be a businessman in the near future because the strategies that you are doing to develop can be applied in real life situations in the near future.

Choose the user experience that you’d like to try

Make sure that the website that you are going to choose for free online games can provide you with the best yet free online games in a very easy way. There are some websites that give you access to their site just by creating an account and you are now able to download all the games that you want. Some do not even require you a website to do so. It would be a great introduction to online games and such if the website is able to give you a great user experience that you had been looking for.

Welcome bonus & Reviews

Choose a site that gives a welcome bonus

There are some websites that give a welcome bonus to their new players. After you have created an account, you will receive the bonus that you can use in various online games. It could be virtual points or some skills on a certain game. Whatever it could be, receiving a bonus can be sure helpful if you are just new to playing online games.

Do not rush it

As what we’ve mentioned above, there are lots of online websites that you can choose from. You don’t have to rush it. Take your time in choosing the best website that offers thousands of free online games for you. Shopping around can help you choose the website that will offer the best promotions, offers, prizes, and the variety of games that you are interested in playing.

Read reviews

It is important that you have an idea on what the game would be like by reading reviews and so on. Make sure that you read at least a few of them so that you will be able to determine if this online game is worth your time and money. There are some players who give an in-depth review of a certain game that had piqued their interest and will recommend you to play it as well. if you notice that there are more negative comments than positive feedbacks, then there must be something wrong with the game. It could be the poor graphics, the bugs that had not been fixed, or the system of the game itself that does not satisfy the players.

Watch videos

If you don’t feel like reading lengthy comments, you can just simply watch demo videos about the online games that you are interested in playing. There are some players who upload live streaming about the games that they are currently playing. Based on their reaction, comments, and statements about the game, you will have an idea if it’s worth downloading or not. You should not download a certain game especially if it’s not for free unless you are sure enough that it fits your personal preference and it’s exactly what you are looking for.

Stick with free games at first

Since you are just starting out, you don’t have to invest your money in your online gaming. There are hundreds of free games that you can download around there. Try out online games that are being offered for free and see how it works. Of course, just because it’s free doesn’t mean that you will download it right away. As what we’ve mentioned above, it is important that you read reviews or watch live streaming first before making a decision.

Choose games on What’s Hot

There are some games that are included in the list of top games to play. You can read reviews there and see what the game is all about. Always remember that it wouldn’t make it to the What’s Hot list if the game is not worth playing. To assure yourself that you will be able to play the best free online games, you should make sure that you are choosing the games that are included in this top category list.

Be aware of game addiction

Lastly, you should be aware of game addiction. Excessive playing of online games is never been good to your health. Therefore, you should make sure that you are being responsible in playing online games especially if you are still a student. Create a schedule or time routine in which you allow yourself to play online games and discipline yourself to stick to it. There are some people that see online games as a bad influence, when in fact, it’s up to the player if he would be responsible enough in spending time playing or not.

Now that you know how to choose the best online games for you, welcome to our website! Browse over hundreds of free online games that we offer. It’s time to kill your boredom and step into a whole new world out there!

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Golf Clash Brings Arcade Golfing Experience to Your Phone

I believe that smartphones weren’t designed for complex games. However, I also think they are perfect for addictive releases that can keep your attention for hours. One of those gems is Golf Clash, the latest game developed by Playdemic. Yes, golfing is the focus of their newest release, but that doesn’t mean the game is dull.

Get Onto the Course and Test Your Skills!

There is not much thinking in Golf Clash. As soon as you start the game and see the tutorial, the matchmaking system founds you a real opponent. The whole concept is simple – play golf in 1 on 1 matches and be better than your opponent. To do that, you need to get the ball into the hole in fewer shots. If the game is tied, the extra time decides the winner. In the overtime, both players have one shot available, and the one closer to the target wins.

Golf Clash Offers Flawless Gameplay

The gameplay in Golf Clash is perfect. The trajectory of the ball is perfectly done, and even the wind plays its role. The control system is incredibly intuitive, and it won’t take you more than a couple of shots to find your way around it. You choose which way you want to hit the ball and then select the desired power. Aside from the wind, you also need to keep in mind specifics of the course because there might be rough or sand areas. If you get the ball there, shots can become a lot trickier to perform.

You Can’t Go Far Without Upgrading

Unfortunately, the more you play Golf Clash, the more it becomes apparent that you can’t progress without real cash. Whenever you win, you get treasure chests with some rewards, but that’s far from enough for all the things you need. And there is a bunch of stuff that you will require if you want to be competitive in the upper leagues.

Golf Clash Upgrades


There is a shop in Golf Clash where you can buy better clubs and other boosts that can help you on the course. However, the resources you get will only cover seldom purchases. That will lead to being impossible to be better than your competition. There are two ways out – to invest real money or use Gold Clash hacks and cheats from here. It’s a shame that the pay to win concept is so obvious in this otherwise phenomenal game.

Golf Clash Comes with Beautiful Graphics

I don’t want to end the review on a bad note because Golf Clash provided me hours of fun (until it became unfair). That is why I will mention the fantastic graphics. It’s a perfect fit for a game like this, and the courses provide a lot of details and obstacles characteristic for golf. You can see that Playdemic tried to provide us with an excellent product. They almost managed that, and Golf Clash is just short of making my top list of games. Regardless of its shortcomings, it’s still worth playing, so I recommend you give it a shot.

Is Clash Royale A Challenging Mobile Multiplayer Game?

It’s hard to choose the right mobile game nowadays, especially when you have thousands of them available. The choice doesn’t become easier once you find out that most of them are free online games. However, only rare titles are true gems, and one of them is Clash Royale created by Supercell.

As soon as you run Clash Royale for the first time, you will get dangerously hooked on the game. The developers did their job right and created an exciting free online game that can be described as a mixture of MOBA, real-time strategy, and cards. The goal of Clash Royale is to destroy the opponent’s towers, with the particular attention to the King’s tower, which represents player’s headquarters.

You will have an 8-card deck to play with, but the trick is that you can only hold 4 of them at a time in your hand. To call the cards to the battle, you will need elixir, which is nothing else than a rechargeable energy unit. You are attacking the rival’s towers with cards and inflict damage to them. You win after knocking down the King tower of your opponent, but you only have 3 minutes to do that.

The limited time for each battle is exactly the major factor of excitement in Clash Royale. Elixirs are rechargeable, so you have to use them carefully even though in the last minute of each fight you get a double potion. If 3 minutes pass and the opponents are tied when it comes to the number of towers standing, there is a single minute overtime. In it, you just have to destroy one of the opponent’s tower to be declared the winner.

Pass Challenges With A Clash Royale Hack

In order to make the game easier, a team of developers decided to develop an online tool which can help anyone. By helping anyone, we mean you can generate lots of coins and gems altogether.

With this Clash Royale Hack, you no longer need to worry about the waiting times of the chests or the resources you are going to lose by not completing a challenge accordingly.

clash royale challengesIs It Fun?

Clash Royale is a free online game that is incredibly fun to play! After all, it’s among the highest ranked ones in app stores for years, which means that millions of players are already enjoying it. The pace of the action is why the game is so popular. You need to think fast and figure out how to manage the cards you currently have in your hands, as well as how to use the elixir efficiently. Believe it or not, playing this kind of games can improve your reaction time and help you learn how to think fast under pressure.

On top of that, you can pick Clash Royale up whenever you feel like it and play for as long as you want to. The game allows you to join clans, so there is also a social factor involved. Naturally, if you want to take a shortcut to success, you can choose to pay for upgrades, but there is a lot of fun in this free online game even without giving real money.

It’s not easy to make a mobile multiplayer game that is both easy to learn and sophisticated enough to offer everyone a challenge. To the delight of players around the world, that’s just what Supercell did with Clash Royale. If you like destroying the opponent with your blitz attacks and appropriate strategy, make sure to try one of the most addictive mobile games on the market.

Miniclip’s Most Successful Mobile Game: 8 Ball Pool

If we are going to keep it simple, the answer is a big and definite yes. Miniclip had a big success with the PC game, so it didn’t come as strange when they decided to release iOS and Android version of 8 Ball Pool. The game took top positions on both iOS and Android almost instantly. And as a result, a lot of 8 Ball Pool cheats started to appear. But we shall talk about those in a different article.

The beauty of the game lies in its simplicity. As soon as you start the game and sign in, you will pass a short tutorial. After a couple of minutes, you will get the opportunity to try your skills against other players of virtual pool from around the world. 8 Ball Pool is an online game where you play against a rival with the task of netting 7 appropriate balls (solids or stripes) and the final black one before your opponent.

Controls Perfected

What I liked about this game is that Miniclip used all advantages of touchscreen devices. The controls are perfect and straightforward. You have a control stick which you move around to find the perfect angle and position to hit the ball. At any given moment, you can see the lines that predict where the ball will move once you hit it. Once you are satisfied with the position, you need to pull back to adjust the strength of your shot and hope everything will work out for the best.

Gameplay8 Ball Pool has incredible game physics and emphasizes the importance of accuracy. It’s just like in a real game of pool; you might even find yourself rotating the screen (or even your head around it) to see where the ball will go.

Face Players From All Around The World

8 Ball Pool will give you the chance to test your skills on tables across the world. There are over a dozen of cities to play in, including Berlin, Moscow, New York, and Dubai. Depending on the city, there might be a tweak to the game rules just to keep things interesting. That means that certain tables will, for example, require you to call a pocket when you are making an 8-ball shot.

1-on-1 games are the core of the game, but you can also play tournaments, where the fun starts at the quarter final, and you will need to win three games in a row to lift the trophy and get the prizes. As you keep winning, you will advance through levels, unlock new cues and levels, as well as some interesting mini games. If you get bored with the classic mode, there is a 9-ball pool mode where your goal is to net the balls in numerical order. The trick is that you don’t have to place all the balls into the holes to win – it’s enough to make a combination shot and net the final ball (number 9). That adds to the excitement of the match because every shot can be the deciding one.

8 Ball Pool has everything you expect from a fantastic pool game – responsive controls, realistic physics, and high pace of action. Make sure to give it a chance, feel the excitement of virtual pool matches and become one of the best players in the world.

The Many Benefits of Getting Into Online Games

A lot of people these days indulge in online games. This is not surprising though especially if one were to take into account the fact that there are a lot of sites that offer such interesting, fun, and enjoyable titles that players can indulge in. Many have found this activity as one good way for them to spend their spare time.

Of course, there are also those people that seem to frown upon this activity. This is not a surprise at all. Of course, when done in excess, there are certainly some negative effects that it is going to have on you. But one has to remember that there are a ton of benefits that player n get from it. Below, we list down some.

Online gamers are often better surgeons

A recent study of specialists in laparoscopy or small incision specialists have revealed that those who played online games for more than three hours a week have been found to have committed 32% fewer errors than those who did not. This was during practice procedures. This means that those who have been devoting considerable time gaming are likely to be better, steadier, and more accurate surgeons.

It may help in overcoming dyslexia

There are research pieces that have pointed out that attention difficulties are the key components in dyslexia. There is a study which has shown how dyslexics have improved their reading abilities and comprehension after they have been exposed to a session of online games that are quite heavy on the action. Many researchers believe that this may be because games tend to change its playing environments hence regularly; it requires players to be more intensely focused.

It helps improve vision

Sure, many have been reminded by parents about sitting too close to the television when they were kids, for fear that this may damage their eyesight. But recent scientific discoveries pinpoint to know how games played in moderation can help towards the improvement and not the strain of the vision. Of course, one has to remember that the keyword is moderation.

It might help boost one’s career

Some games encourage and then rear leadership traits. There are games where one has to play the role of improving the communities they are playing at and in securing their safety among others. Some researchers have established a correlation with the motivation of players towards actually achieving their career goals in the real world. Players that are known to improvise in a game are also likely to be faster on their feet especially in those situations where there are office emergencies that crop up.

It may cause players to be more interested in history

Many games are actual historical events as the main plot or as the main character of the story. These are characters that can easily spark the interest of the player. Thus, games are not only meant to be enjoyed; but they can also even encourage players to find out more about different things.

Why Free Games are Fast Becoming Popular

People who are into playing games will tell you that it can be quite an expensive hobby. Every time a new game is out, and you will choose to purchase it, the cost is going to add up, and if you consider how much they amount to, they can be in such an important figure. This is why it is not surprising to see more and more people heading to the web to see if they can get access to any free games somewhere.

Free games for the computer used to be dominated by just Flash games of the novelty kind as well as those usual indie test beds that are small scale. Over the years though, full-priced games that used to reign the computer gaming world word are now getting some severe competition from titles that offer such impressive gaming experience but does not require any upfront cost.

Wide variety

People will notice that recently there are now an absurd number of games that are available for PC users. Of course, they do come with their pros and cons. But the fact that people can engage in these fun games without any need for them to have to send any penny for doing so is what makes these games stand out. Why would one bother to play a full-priced game when there are other alternatives out there that he can enjoy minus the charge?

Free to play all day

Many people love the idea of being able to engage in a game and not have to break their wallets in doing so. They are some sites these days that hot free PC games that make it easier for people to play on a browser-based setup. This means that they can just visit these sites any time of the day and indulge themselves in some gaming fun.

No download

It is also noteworthy that most of these games do not require one to download them before he can play them. For people that do not want to have to be bothered by a download process before they can start playing the game these games will be the ideal choice. All they need to do is have a connection to the internet, and they can just pay them in their browser. This easy accessibility to these games makes them attractive to many players that want to do away with unnecessary download requirements.

Of course, there is a downside to some of these games. For instance, if the game has a full-priced version, there is a good chance that what you will get for free is on where the levels available are going to be limited. This means that only a particular part of the game will you be allowed to experience.

Still, there are a lot of people that consider this as an advantage. This is because they feel that this gives them the chance to try the game out and see how good it is or not. This gives them the opportunity to assess whether getting its full-priced version is going to be worthy of their cash or not.

How To Select An Online Game

When it comes to selecting a game online, there are so many that you can choose. One thing that you’ll need to make sure is to ask yourself what truly interest you most if you are to play an online game. People vary from each other regarding online game selection and so, you can either connect a game that your friends or family is playing or you can look for your own.

Online selection game also allows you to spend real cash. This is only intended for people who have a budget to benefit what that game offers entirely. However, if you do not wish to spend more cash, you can always choose not to spend money. Here are the following tips, in selecting for a game.

How to pick a game


Some games are not available in your country. Before you spend real cash on it, assess first so that you know the advantages and disadvantages of playing the game.

Ask around

For sure you have friends who are also into social games or RPG type of games. You can always ask them which type of game is better to play and which aren’t. This also means that you compare each game that they have recommended whether you will need a gadget that will fit your gaming needs.

Check the game quality

One of the downfalls for every online game is its quality. Meaning to say, if the game is always in maintenance mode, this could only tell that they are in a serious level of fixing the entire game to make it better. Or if you happen to play a game that is still new, it would be best to recheck it in few months time and replay it.

As soon as you have already selected a game that fits your style, it is best to get familiar with how the game works. This is a primary task for you to do. Even though you have a particular background of the game, playing it hands-on is much different than the knowledge and idea that you get.

Keep in mind on online game selection

Since there are hundreds to thousands of games online, you’ll need to be very careful with the applications and software that you are downloading. Most of these have a higher rate of damaging your device if you do are not as well updated. There is no better way for you to do but to stay safe by having strong anti-virus software that can detect malware and other means of harming your device. Another risk is to avoid scam. So many people are involved with fraud and hacking so always is aware of the game rules of every online game selection that you play.

An online game selection is somehow finding your personality. Its advantage is molded your strengths as a person while you are playing games, this does not only give you entertainment but it also physiologically provides comfort and convenience.

Top Business Management Games You Should Try Out

One of the most exciting games that you can play online these days is business management games. These are business simulation games where you are tasked to carry out the jobs and responsibilities of running a business. In these games, you get to pretend that you are a tycoon and you own certain establishments that need to be managed to make sure that your clients are happy and that the business can meet its target sales on a specific day.

There are a lot of people that love these kinds of games. Games like this tend to aim at getting you to come up with good strategies to get your gals fast which are why they are to hold such appeal to people that love games with clear goals as well as those that have time limitations to them.

Unforgiving Market

These kinds of games are usually quite popular among users, but it is also a fact that the line in which they are offered at tends to be quite unforgiving. Bad games will not last long. As people are constantly in search of good games that challenge them while they are having fun. If you want to play some good games in this category, we list down some of the more popular ones these days.

Business Management Games List

Airline Tycoon

Probably one of the most controversial games under this category, it was not a best seller when it first came out. In fact, unlike many games in this genre, it is quite a light-hearted one. It is challenging though despite being cartoony. It is somewhat complicated which means that it is going to be a good hit for beginners. Its fun pace has also since hooked those that have been long-time fans.


If you want a business game that is quite hardcore, this is one that you would not dare miss out on. Some people might call it a boring simulation, but if you want to experience an actual business simulation. This is the one. Players will need to manufacture and produce the products that he will be selling. It also requires players to pay attention to the supply and the demand for the products that are being sold to ensure that they maximize their profits. Just like an actual business, explaining without proper strategy would often cause the business to crash.

Railroad Tycoon

If you want to experience one of those tycoon games, then this is one choice that you will like. The game is played by transporting passengers as well as goods while you are trying to build your railway empire.


Of course, this list is not gigged to be complete without this popular game rounding it up. The game requires you to work on building your city and making sure that you will develop your land as efficiently and as effectively as you can. You will act as a mayor and will start with a blank map. It would be up to you to ensure that you can get the city expanded with the budget that you are provided with.

Role Playing Games and It’s Benefits

Role playing is an art in which it provides entertainment to people who want to watch whether it is at the auditorium stage or in a cinematic view. To play a part takes a lot of practice especially in memorizing the lines and at the same time putting yourself in the midst of the character that you are portraying. This takes an ample time to rehearse for the person to play a role uniquely and how it is instructed by the play director. So, if you have the confidence to be a part of a role play, engaging is the first step to do.

Essentially, a role play has a great advantage for every individual who partakes a play. This means that in every character, you are as well building yourself to be in character regardless whether you are playing as an antagonist or a protagonist. In a role playing game, you will only have to choose a kind of character that you want to build. Most of these types of games are popularly played such as SIMS and Facebook games that are intended for both children and adults. The benefits with this kind of game would simply reveal the kind of attitude that you have as a person.

sims rpg

There are plenty of role playing games mostly via the internet. In comparison to real life role playing games, you will have the engagement of every person that you will meet. For example, you are playing a family oriented internet role playing game. Let’s say you are an adult and you still want to be playing with such games; this does not mean that you don’t have to be entertaining as most of these games are interesting. If you happened to be a beginner and you want to try doing a role playing game, choose a kind of game that is worth your while and entertaining at the same time.

There are as well role playing games for children. This means there should be a limit to every game. An adult game should not be mixed played by children or those who are still underage. The advantages of role playing help you build a kind of confidence that you may also develop in reality. If you are not a cool person and socializing has always been your struggle, engaging in a role playing game is a good step for you to get sociable.

Advantages of a role playing game

Most role playing games are meant for socializing via the internet, and this means that anyone can be your friend or perhaps peculiarly find love. These are two of the things that can make you more engaging. You will also develop a relationship that you can boast. However, a major downfall of playing role games is that you become too attached to the game that it makes you forget about time.

As you play a social game online, make sure to balance between what is reality and virtual life. Learn to appreciate the people behind the roles they are portraying as they have feelings as well.

Why Are Puzzle Games Beneficial in Early Childhood

Puzzles games are not just a mindless game setting that you play. This has, in fact, many benefits for your child to gain if you are exposing him to mind enhancing games. The earlier the stage, the better it is for them to develop a healthy cognitive and intellectual thinking. Making strategies is one key point that they can learn from playing such games. Another factor is the potential to solve problems through completing the task of a puzzle game. Picking the pieces together and looking for the parts that would fit the puzzle is an achievement.

Puzzles can indeed stem from logical to mathematical problems which involve numbers, shapes, words, and pictures. By the time your child reaches the toddler stage, it is at this level that they can start to manipulate and at the same time grasp objects accordingly to what they think would match. Keep in mind that your puzzles must be appropriate for the child to solve a puzzle game.

Selecting a puzzle game for your child

When it comes to choosing for the right puzzle, it is important that you go for something that is worth the challenge and lesser in frustrations. This would make the child develop keen sensory motors. Furthermore, if you notice that your child is something struggling in solving the entire puzzle that means that it is too difficult for him or her to solve. This is one way that you can assess the mental capacity of your child’s development.

Introducing new puzzles

By the time your child is growing from a toddler to a preschooler so on and so forth, having to add new puzzle games would surely excite them especially if the child is used to playing the game. Showing interest is one element that you will assess that your child would like to embrace changes and at the same time developing the attitude would mean great for you as a parent. This will also help you maintain a strong bond and relationship between you and your child.

Is advanced technology a reliable way for you to let your child play puzzle games?

Nowadays, the rise of technology becomes an advantage for the most part as this helps to give faster results regarding things that you want to happen right away. However, relying on today’s technology would only affect many things while your child is exposed to it at an early age. For example, the early cause of defective eyesight and the chance for them to build up their sensory development. Technology does not mainly focus on what it is to have real experiences. It would be best to still impart the traditional way of mind enhancing games to your child.

Benefits of puzzle games

Gaining social skills makes them more engaging, and aside from all the cognitive and structural development, another key factor that can help your child develop is managing the causes of their stress. Even at an early age, the use of any board games relieves any stress that comes in their lives. If you want to make the same step and want to enhance your brain by playing games we have some suggestions on this matter too!

What adventure games to play on your PC

When it comes to online games, adventure games are always going to be on any gamers list of games to play. They are fun. They are exciting. They allow players to explore worlds that they would otherwise only have dreamed of. They tend to be quite challenging too. This is why there are a ton of adventure games that are scattered around the web these days. It will take some time to shift through many choices though if you intend to find the best one there is.

To make things easier for you, we compile some of the best titles that would be worth checking out if you want to get on some gaming adventure. We’ve also made a list of social games that you can play if adventure ones are not for you.

Best Adventure Games

Stories Untold

This is certainly going to be a massive hit for people that love the setting of having old hardware and CRT monitor; this would be a fascinating game for you. This is a sci-fi horror game where old hardware is used as the center of the game events. Each of the levels of the game offers a twist or two which makes it a unique adventure gaming experience.

Broken Age

This game tells the story of two teens and their struggle with the traditions that are presently binding them while they are deep inside a starship. It is gorgeously rendered with impressive 2D graphics, the soundtrack is neat, and it is genuinely a well-built adventure piece, which makes it a real keeper.

Her Story

If you are a huge fan of investigative and crime piece, this will appeal greatly to you. For those aspiring Sherlock’s, this game from Sam Barlow is going to get you straight into doing some detective work while you piece together the mystery behind a woman that is being interviewed about their missing husband. You will need to sift through police interviews to get to the boom of the story.


If you are into slow burn narrative games, this would be a very appealing piece for you; the game is designed to be played over time unlike those that are expected to be played in just a quick one go. The best thing about the game is how it allows you to replay the game and then have it looped back to the previous decisions that you have made so you can see how the story evolves and changes along the way.

Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy

This is considered as a part interactive film and part video game. This is a creepy mix of supernatural horror and crime thriller as seen through the eyes of various characters. This is a game that has even pioneered some mechanic when it comes to adventure game such as dialogues that are limited, but high-impact along with times choices.

Summing it up

When choosing an adventure game to play, it is important to remember that not everything has to involve combat and action that is pulse-pounding. The best adventure games will always channel the spirit of that point and click classic and a puzzle gameplay with a good narrative storytelling. The best players in the market will agree that the best games in this genre are more focused on the cerebral aspect than the visceral.

Enhance your mind by playing brain enhancing games

There are many ways for you to develop and enhance your brain in such a way that it will maintain sharp and focused at all times. That is why most people would encourage the younger generation to read as many books as they can because this can help boost your brain cells and at the same time it enhances your memorization. Regarding mental focus, the use of brain enhancing games is one of the primary methods that ensure that your brain will work well. Playing games becomes an interest for most people because of how science gets to be involved.

Memorizing is the ability of your brain to retain distinct situations that are either pleasant or not. It can retrieve certain information that may be recent or from the past. Memory is divided into sections, and these are the short and long-term memory. Short term memory is said to be the “working memory” as this deals with retained memory that is temporary compared long-term memory or also known as the “permanent memory” this concerns with accuracy and how things were then occurring rapidly. Furthermore, stock knowledge is a kind of memory that is stored in an episodic type of memory with precise events that which it happened.

Testing your mind skills

To test your mind as to how far your memory would retain visual and hearing information, exercising it with brain enhancing games is a must. Having to choose a level of expertise depends on your confidence as to good you are in playing mind games. Designers of are as well keen enough to provide a game setting that would knock and stir out your brain cells to solve a mystery, a puzzle, quest and how quick you respond.

Benefits of mind games

You wouldn’t realize until someone tells you that you have a great memory. That means it is a compliment that you were able to grasp and analyze a situation which in return gives you positive response. The benefits of brain enhancing games help you in analyzing a given situation, and decision making is a must for every game that you play. Your brain works according to how you would think and at the same time find solutions to every possibility that you will encounter every time you play brain enhancing games.

What are its influences?

Turning your brain at work is what makes it influential. There is no other way for you to exercise but to keep on rolling. For example, time, the clock ticks 24/7 non-stop and the more it is energizing, the faster it goes without you even noticing it. As soon as its battery slows down until it reaches its limits, so does the entire structure. Same goes with your brain. If this is not exercised while you were still at a younger age, it is most likely that you will develop poor memory.

Brain enhancing games determines your mental capacity and how you can be focused while you are playing the game. This also develops you an attitude of assertiveness and intuition. You can also check how social games impact your brain here.

Popular Social Games and What Makes them Click

For people that play computer games a lot, social games are among the most popular genre of choice. There seems to be a high appeal when it comes to playing games that allow a player not just to enjoy the game play but also to be able to play with alongside other players from differ tarts of the world.

There are reasons why social games work so well. One way of determining what that is would be to take a closer look at some of the two social games that are out there day to know what makes them tick and why they are so appealing to the public. A study on how games affect our brain is still under development but already have some fascinating facts!

List of the Most Popular Games


This is one game that seems to have been doing all the right things when it was launched. It was not surprising to find out 10% of people that have signed up on Facebook are playing the game. Probably one of the most excellent ideas that were advocated by the game is its neighbor system. This means the player is not only limited to harvesting their crops on their own. They have the choice to do it with their friends too. Zynga, the game developer, must have learned a ton of its exploits with Farmville that it went on to launch City Ville which proved an even bigger hit than its predecessor.

Zuma Blitz

This offering for PopCap is quite addictive. Playing either on long sessions or short ones is fun. The scoreboard though is probably where its greatest strength lies. Players get o see a ranking of how well they have performed, so, this is one game that will strike a nerve with the people who are big on being competitive. Its focus on bragging rights makes it a simple, brilliant, and effective game which continues to earn success even in recent times.

Words with Friends

If you are a fan of Scrabble, then this is certainly one game that will quickly hook you in. It is available to be played 24/7 which means that you get to have ready access anytime you want you have the choice to play with a computer opponent, or you can choose to compete with friends too. The game effortlessly emulates the classic game which means that it is likely to continue being so for a very long time.

Mafia Wars

If you are a fan of mob movies, then you will be able to get those mob skills put to good use with this social game. This mob simulator makes it possible for you to recruit your friends and then of your very own criminal organization. While it cannot be compared to classic movies like the Goodfellas or the Godfather or the Sopranos, it is certainly impressive, and if you are not careful, it is easy to lose track of time. But if pretending to be criminals is what you would love to do, this is one game that would have so much in store for you.


There are certainly a lot of other popular adventure games that are around. Most of the time, they all have this one common denominator which makes the appealing to players- they manage to connect with their players. As long as they keep doing so, it is expected that they will remain on top of every player’s gaming list.